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This story is about ending plastic waste. That’s a big statement. Especially when a brand says it. A brand that could easily be seen as part of the problem. So we need to back it up and really prove that we’re not just greenwashing here. That we have a product that can actually help reduce plastic waste because it’s made from plastic waste.
And that product is PRIMEBLUE.

The challenge won’t be educating the public on the problem. That’s easy. The challenge will be how we educate the public as to how PRIMEBLUE is solving it. That means showing how the material is made, the technology used and the final product come to life through seamless, well-composed, live action shots and gorgeously crafted visual effects.
That’s why it’s so important for the entire production and post production team to collaborate from the earliest stages of the project. We’re approaching this project as a seamlessly integrated team, working toward the same vision from the beginning, which allows us to smoothly transition between departments.

This not overly complicated. Plastic is the problem. PRIMEBLUE is a solution. But there are a lot of steps in how we get there. So it’s important to outline the story with all the ingredients that will go into it.


We were working in close collaboration with Bemo Studio to produce CGI concepts, key visuals and animation as well. Through CGI, we’ll tell the important story of the process capture. How we collect the plastic, crush it, wash it, dry, shred, melt and thread it. Since this process has never been seen before, we’ll need to create a visual canvas that clearly illustrates the technology. Think stylized and dynamic shots of a piece of plastic being broken down into its simplest elements then transformed into something else entirely. Additionally, the sequence needs to flow where each step hits on the beat like a well-oiled machine.