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Artificial Flowers

The world of abstract art is now the world of "art" in which artists are able to create more than just a decorative art. This our new exploration where we depicted a synthetic life form which could be generated by AI. The final product is designed using the best combination of colors and ingredients we can find to make an extremely beautiful, easy and highly creative floral product.

We created this series of plants that just look like the flowers and have a various coloration. However the shapes we drown represent abstract images.

After reviewing nature of flowers, we found out that they can grow in many ways.
Flower shape is varied, and we tried to create an entirely new and exotic floral setup that was more aesthetically pleasing than the existing ones.

We tried think abstractly to create this images, so we kept thinking, "what would the world look like based on this?" and we came up with this idea make a little bit more imperfections and a lot more depth.

Color is a form of light, so flowers use colors to give all the different shapes. We should think of color as an act of creative play. In most cases, we're just happy that we can express ourselves and create something that we could share.