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We were commissioned to produce a series of ID’s for one of the leading Finnish telecommunications operators, DNA. Our task was to imagine four unique, living 3D worlds illustrating the most essential digital phenomena shaping the future of business: smart infrastructure, 5G, IoT and cybersecurity.We fly through these complex digital worlds and explore them from different perspectives. With the influence of DNA, the worlds take identifiable, structured and understandable forms.

The visualization was designed to underline DNA’s brand concept New Form. The world is made of a huge amount of simple objects, portraying various phenomena in the digital world. We show this exponentially complex digital world being structured into dynamic forms with DNA’s influence

The exponentially growing connected world, business cybersecurity grows in importance.
The visualization portrays a business network with integrated, reactive cybersecurity transforming and shielding itself against a digital threat.

The Internet of things visualization emphasizes the connected nature of the sensor and data boosted business. The world is made of connected objects of different shapes and sizes communicating with each other, visualizing the complexity of IoT in an easily understandable way.

Our challenge was to communicate the data transfer speed leap offered by the coming 5G technology in an distinctive and understandable way. The 5G world visualizes the effect of combining the reliable fiber network with the cutting-edge wireless technologies packaged by DNA.

Modern business infrastructures are complex, dynamic and evolving entities.

The visualization shows a systematic view into a business’ digital reality:

a modular, layered environment of devices, connections and people interacting in an interconnected mosaic