We were reached out by one of the leading construction company Döcke to produce a series of images for their main product line. The general idea was to depict each product in an abstract manner. To match them with forms such as neural networks, stones, sand, or organic structures. To visualize them as simple abstract metaphors that give each of them, a real-world tactile feel.


Every concept reflects a fusion of engineering impact and natural sensation. 
One important aspect of creating these abstract images is to ensure that they still convey a tactile feel. Even though the images are abstract, they should still evoke a sense of weight, texture, and solidity that reflects the physical properties of the products. This can be achieved through careful attention to lighting, shading, and the use of textures.

The new product line is a result of an innovative design by the Döcke engineers and we were able to use it to create a attractive digital images. After a few experiments with the product of the Dölcke we decided use deep tones to ephesize details of the products.Choosing the right color palette can greatly impact the visual impact and emotional response of your images