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Minerals are before everything. Lifeless but essential. Elementary but structured. Mindless but organized. And there is something that would bring life into it. Something that would breathe mind and will into cold stones. The art film is a natural motion exploration — antigravity, attraction, and flows. Everything that lies between physical world instances and imaginable behavior. All about multiple interactions between particles and blocks, between rigid and soft, and between field forces and physical bodies.

The key idea for the score produced by the 433 Sound Agency was the deny of synthetic sound design. The team was playing around the contrast between a digital image and acoustic orchestral musical instruments. Along with that team has chosen cinema movie style and was inspired by works of the Johan Johansson, Hildur Ingveldar Guðnadóttir, and Steve Reich.

Art films can be a particularly powerful way to explore these themes, as they allow for the creation of immersive and engaging visual experiences that can capture the imagination and spark new ideas. Whether through animation or live action, art films can bring to life the complex and beautiful interactions that occur between minerals and other physical phenomena.

Antigravity refers to the apparent absence of gravity or the counteracting force that opposes it. This concept we explored in art films through the use of levitation, suspension, and other techniques that create the illusion of objects defying the laws of gravity.

Attraction, on the other hand, refers to the forces that draw objects towards each other, such as magnetic forces or the force of gravity. These forces can be used to create visually stunning works that highlight the interactions between objects in the natural world.