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Mad Courses

This online platform for everyone who is interested in integrating brands into the culture of the audience and creating it. to look wider and dig deeper, on mads you will find author's courses and master classes that will be filled with practitioners of professionals from different disciplines. it will immerse our students in the industry of ideas and what is behind them.
We were commissioned to produce a series of animated and static id’s for Instagram channel "Mads courses" We got a full free to creativity in visual and sound style. It was really interesting & fun to achieve this result!

Think about how you can visually represent the educational aspect or any unique selling points of the channel. Sketch out storyboards or create animatics to plan the sequence of events.

Since you have the freedom to explore sound as well, think about the audio elements that can enhance the visual experience. This may include background music, sound effects, or even voiceovers if appropriate.
Aim for a cohesive and immersive audiovisual experience.