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 Parad of minerals

Working with the incredible people at Vollebak we were tasked to help with visualisation some of minerals which they use to create an advanced clothing. Everything they use is so tough that it was originally used in body armour,
anti-ballistic vehicle armour, mooring systems for giant container ships and ropes used to tie down oil rigs in violent, icy seas. The goal was to show selected minerals in abstract artistic way with strengths of each. We focused on Celadonite, Hematite, Ochre and Volcanic soil and created four short films.

The first one is Volcanic soil, also known as volcanic ash soil, is a type of soil that is formed from the weathering and erosion of volcanic ash and rock. This soil is often rich in minerals and nutrients, making it highly fertile and ideal for supporting plant growth.

We decided to bring particles together and convey the sense of unity or strength of the volcanic soil as a powerful visual metaphor. By showing how individual particles of volcanic ash and rock come together to form a strong structure, we convey the idea of how these materials interact with each other.

Celadonite is a greenish mineral that is known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. It is often used in advanced clothing materials due to its ability to withstand extreme conditions and maintain its shape over time. Celadonite is also known for its ability to absorb moisture and prevent odors, making it an ideal material for high quality clothing. We created animated sequence that shows celadonite growing and expanding, using abstract shapes and colors to convey the idea of growth. Using a laser scan effect we create a futuristic atmosphere to the shot, making it look like the Celadonite is being scanned by advanced technology. That helped us to emphasize the cutting-edge technology used in the development of advanced clothing materials

Ochre is a type of clay mineral that is known for its yellow-brown color. It has been used for thousands of years as a pigment in art and decoration, but it also has properties that make it useful in clothing materials.This highly absorbent and can help regulate body temperature by wicking away sweat.It is also naturally flame-resistant, making it useful in protective clothing.

We depicted a struggle between opposing forces in this film. The tension in the shot, with the ropes being pulled taut and vibrating as the power of Ochre pushes against them. This would help to emphasise the strong propeties of the mineral and the idea that it is being restrained.

Haematite has a metallic luster and can range in color from gray to black, but is most commonly known for its red coloration.
This red colour is due to the presence of small amounts of impurities in the mineral, such as aluminium and manganese. It is highly durable and abrasion-resistant, making it ideal for use in protective clothing.It also has excellent thermal conductivity, which allows it to help regulate body temperature. We thought that a minimalistic scene representing the movement of haematite particles would be a beautiful and calming visual. Keeping the emphasis on simplicity, subtle movements and soft lighting, we created a work that evokes positive emotions and attracts the viewer's attention.